Greatness is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation. We all need it on a consistent basis to stay on course, outlast challenges we may face on the road toward our greatness. As an international speaker, Dr. AZ understands the importance of consistent motivation.

Using stories of underdogs turned greats, he inspires underdogs to drop some of the excuses of underdogs such as I’m not good enough; I’m unqualified; or I’m not worthy. He equips underdogs to develop the right mentality that allowed underdogs to transform their lives into great- to become the best in the field of their choices. Dr. AZ encourages underdogs to overcome faulty beliefs that lower their expectations, and then empower them to develop the right greatness psychology.

Dr. AZ’s motivational speeches are filled with stories of underdogs turned greats. In his jampacked highly motivational speeches, he inspires and empowers with practical strategies and tactics.


  • Fees vary with the type of engagement
  • Travel and accommodations are extra
  • Traveling from Maryland

Note: Please send an email to Team Success Pathways at You may please provide the following information in the email and one of our team members will respond to your request on a timely fashion:

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By the way, Dr. AZ also speaks at your events based on one of the from his book:

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