Greatness in your own unique way and becoming world-class in what you do is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation, encouragement, and stretching. We all need it on a consistent basis to stay on course, outlast challenges we may face on the road toward our greatness.

As an international speaker, Dr. AZ understands the importance of powerful and customized speeches.

He inspires and challenges your people to believe that they are world-class material. They can be one of the greats in their field of choice.   

Dr. AZ’s speeches are filled with stories of great ones and world-class leaders. In his jampacked highly motivational and informative speeches, he inspires and also provides some practical tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to see some meaningful results.

Here is a program that is available for now:

1. From Awakening to Evolving Your Soul

Subtitle: How to recognize one’s spiritual side and continually evolve our soul to become our best version

Theme: Spiritual Development
Type: Keynote or Motivational Speech
Time: 30 – 90 minutes
Format: In-person or virtually

Many don’t recognize their spiritual side. They don’t also realize that there are unlimited opportunities and resources beyond what can be seen in the physical. Because of that, they don’t invest in their spiritual growth. They cap their potential and fail to become their best version.
In this speech, AZ:

  • Shares how some smart organizations began to invite spiritual gurus from diverse religions with the aim to ignite interest in their people to consider spirituality
  • Points out that seeking one’s divine greatness demands tapping into one’s spiritual side.
  • Emphasizes the need to constantly growing spiritually to connect with our divine side.
  • Explains why we need to tap into resources and forces in the invisible world by awakening, and ultimately evolving our soul.
  • Encourages that even if a given family, team, organization, or community may be composed of people with diverse religious affiliations, they shouldn’t stop growing together spiritually so as to tap into their individual and collective full potential. 

In this inspirational and informative speech, Dr. AZ equips your people to:

  • Awaken to their spiritual identity,
  • Continually evolve their soul, and
  • Ultimately attain spiritual mastery.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Be inspired to get in touch with their spiritual side by showing them the benefits of spirituality
  • Recognize the journey they should take from awakening and then evolving their soul to tap into their unlimited potential and ultimately attain their individual and corporate greatness.
  • Get tools, approaches, and strategies that equip them to grow spiritually.

Note: We will work with your team to customize the above programs, and also create new ones that meets your needs.


  • Fees vary with the type of engagement
  • Travel and accommodations are extra
  • Traveling from Maryland

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