Dr. Assegid Habtewold, known as “AZ,” is a preeminent speaker who uses personal and spiritual development programs to transform underdogs to greats in the field of their choice.

Dr. AZ’s own journey from one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia to pursue his passion required working on himself constantly. He wouldn’t be where he is today as a successful author, coach, speaker, and facilitator both in Ethiopia and the US without experiencing a true transformation from inside out. For more than 2 decades, AZ has been studying the great ones from diverse cultures to document their journey and make it available to empower those who are serious about personal mastery and investing in spirituality. After reflecting on and examining his own typical underdog journey and continuing to study the stories of underdogs turned greats for years, AZ has architected the right holistic empowerment programs to raise the next great ones of the 21st C by focusing on two vital development areas:

  1. Personal Development: Tapping into one’s unlimited potential requires achieving personal mastery. It is the foundation to attain one’s greatness. Personal growth starts with increasing self-awareness, managing self, & ultimately attaining self-mastery.
  2. Spiritual Development: Seeking one’s divine greatness requires tapping into one’s spiritual side. It also demands constantly growing spiritually to connect with our divine side, tap into resources and forces in the invisible world, and finally to become one with God.


From humble beginnings, Dr. AZ grew up in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia. He was the 1st in his family to graduate from college. Nonetheless, abject poverty and his underdog status didn’t stop him from dreaming  big, and pursuing his passion.  

Because of the books he was reading and the constant inner work he did, AZ believed that he has the potential  to pursue his passion, write books, coach, and train leaders at a global stage while still in Ethiopia and living in the midst of numerous hardships. Since the 90’s, he has been reading books and attending personal  development programs. He has been working on his mindset, leadership competencies, and spiritual growth consistently which empowered him to overcome the challenges he was facing, pursue his passion, and ultimately serve others in the areas of his calling.

He earned his first degree in Ethiopia and then came to the US and did his Master’s in Computer Science, and ultimately capped his formal education with Doctor of   Strategic Leadership at a renowned Christian University in Virginia Beach, USA- Regent University. Making a shift from a science background (veterinary medicine and computer science) into a totally different field- Leadership, was tough, to say the least. Because of the inner work and resilient mindset he had developed over the years, he could make a successful transition. He now serves leaders in some government agencies, major corporations, and community organizations both in the US and Ethiopia.

AZ became a sought after speaker, coach, and trainer continuing to this day to provide personal, leadership, and spiritual empowerment programs. He has dedicated his professional career to helping others achieve more in life, and he continues to refine his process and teachings to make them even more powerful.

Many individuals  desire to live life on their terms, but few ever achieve it. Dr. AZ Habtewold finds this unnecessary tragedy created only by a lack of understanding of what it takes to go from underdog to great. Those few who turned from underdog to great were like everyone else- underdogs, before starting their rewarding journey toward greatness. They also left plenty of footprints that allowed them to experience a major transformation during their lifetime.

Dr. AZ, also known as the “Transformation Strategist,” has made it simple and easy for anyone who desires more in life to architect a step-by-step plan of achievable goals to take themselves to the top in the profession or calling of their choice. AZ has himself refined ‘underdog to great’ personal, leadership, and spiritual empowerment principles to allow anyone who commits to follow them to create the lifestyle they desire. AZ is the author of five books, three on leadership and two on greatness. He produces two TV shows centered around the topics of leadership and greatness, namely Pick Yourself Up, and the Dr. AZ Show. His shows provide the perfect vehicle to empower underdogs in the US and around the world.

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